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TechT Optimus 360 ASA Gauge Adapter - Black
Optimus 360 ASA Gauge Adapter

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List Price: $44.95
Our Price: $39.95
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Color: Black
Height: 1.25 Inches
Material: Aluminum

Availability: Discontinued and no longer available. We are sold out.
Product Code: 1137

Description Warranty and Returns Info
Video Transcript 00:00 Today we're looking at the TechT Optimus 360 Gauge Adapter. This is a new product from TechT that runs in the $40 to $45 price range. This is an inline adapter with male ASA threads and a female ASA port and also a 1/8 Inch NPT gauge port where you can screw in a gauge. The gauge is not included. ASA threads are the same threads that are found on the air input of your gun. ASA threads like this are the same threads found on the air input port of your gun (your bottom line or vertical adapter) and on your CO2 tank, screw in HPA tank, or regulator. What this lets you do is install a gauge directly between your air source and your paintball gun so that you can tell the exact pressure coming out of your air system and going in to your paintball gun. Both pieces of information can be critical in trouble shooting and fine tuning your air source and paintball gun performance. **Not in the video Having the wrong pressure going in to your gun, whether too low or too high, can cause all sorts of problems. The least of these problems might be low or high velocity. At the worst, to much air pressure might blow your electronic solenoids costing you $50 to $120 in parts plus labor if you have someone do the work for you. 01:05 On the air side you can identify shoot down problems by having this installed on your gun and shooting fast. If your air source is not providing enough flow through then you'll see the needle dropping on your gauge while you're shooting. This would identify a problem with your air system that is causing problems with the gun like low velocity and slow recharge or recocking during high rates of fire. 01:32 The Optimus 360 Gauge Adapter is called the 360 because of it's unique mounting design. There are 3 pieces to the adapter including the thread cap, body, and air through screw. The thread cap has the ASA threads which threads in to the gun. The body has the female ASA threads that accepts your tank or regulator input. These two parts are held together by the air through screw. The air passes directly through the drilled out screw. So, the air comes out of your air system or regulator, fills the body with air (pressurizing the gauge), and then passes through the drilled screw in to your gun. 02:18 The unique mounting feature is found between the body and the thread cap. They're not screwed together. Instead, they're held in place by a set of 3 pins. They're a snug fit. The 3 pins extend from the body and the thread cap has a set of 9 holes. What that lets you do is adjust where your gauge port points. So however the threads end up screwed in to your gun you can still choose where you want the gauge to face. Once you decide where you want it, push the body and thread cap together, drop the screw in through the body and tighten it with a 3/16" allen wrench. As you tighten the screw down you can see it pull the body and thread cap together for a tight fit. 03:30 This makes a very secure, but adjustable, fit with no wobble. It feels like a single piece. Very secure. We've seen other designs that use a locking ring at this point. They tend to slip and be awkward to adjust. They also have to be set each time you use them. Once you have the Optimus 360 Gauge Adapter set how you want it, it doesn't move. It's not going anywhere. 03:58 The seals on this consist of 2 standard buna orings. One around the male ASA threads at the top and then an internal oring that seals between the body and thread cap. That's an internal oring located inside the thread cap. It's very easy to get to. Remove the thread cap from the body and the internal oring can be removed from the bottom/inside of the thread cap with an oring pick. Don't stab the oring like I did in the video. Get underneath it and pull it out. 04:48 Another unique feature of this gague adapter is that it comes with a second thread cap. When you look at these sided by side you probably won't be able to tell much if any difference. They're the same size. They're both ASA threads. The blue cap is designed for Dye and Proto paintball guns. From 2006 to 2008 Dye's ASA threads seemed to vary a bit from standard. They weren't supposed to but they did. We found it sometimes awkward to thead aftermarket regulators up in to ASA threads of the DYE guns. So TechT has created this second thread cap. There's a little more material taken off these threads to allow for the variance in some of those DYE ASA's. So when you use the blue thread cap . . . And don't worry, you can't see the blue threads when it screws in to the ASA. So when you use the blue thread cap, it will for sure screw in to any of the DYE ASA's. This blue thread cap is NOT the one for the new DM9 and later air input threads that DYE has changed too although TechT does make a thread cap for those threads too. 06:18 Once again this does not come with a gauge. You'll want to choose an appropriate gauge for what you're trying to measure. If you have a low pressure gun you don't want to use a 6000psi gauge. It won't register very much on the gauge and will be hard to see. You want a gauge that displays well in the range of what you're measuring. This happens to be a 200psi gauge but what you need will vary from gun to gun and application to application. 06:52 Easy reassembly. Put the oring on the top of the thread cap. Internal orings can be a bit tricky. There's a grove that they sit in. You can push them in and then I often use an allen wrench to push the oring the rest of the way in to the groove. Once you've done this a few times it becomes quite easy. The thread cap pushes back on the body. The screw goes in from the bottom and snugs the two pieces together. The gauge threads in to the side and of course you'd need some thread tape on those gauge threads to keep it from leaking. 08:07 Just like all TechT products, the Optimus 360 Gauge Adapter comes with it's own unique serial number. This is a serial number unique to every single accessory from TechT. Various companies have tried to copy their designs and even sell products under the TechT name that are not true TechT products. So make sure where you get it from, they're able to provide you this unique serial number on every TechT product they send out. 08:44 So that was the TechT Optimus 360 Gauge Adpater. Also in this video you've seen our Stainless Steel 4 Piece Probe Set, very handy and sharp. The air through screw used a 3/16" allen wrence which is available individually or in a 13 Piece Ball End Wrench kit. And of course the always hand Magnetic Tray for all your parts and pieces while you're working on guns to make sure you're not losing anything. Not shown in the video was the thread tape that you'd need to install the gauge. 09:24 Overall, I'd be happy to recommend this Gauge Adapter. It has an adjustable but snug fit. It looks good enough to use permanently mounted to your gun or just as tool. This would be a very valuable tool for any player or airsmith to help fine tune your paintball gun.

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